Gettysburg Gift Shop Pulls John Wilkes Booth Bobbleheads

Dolls depict the assassin with a handgun

Getty Images

Bobblehead dolls of the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln are no longer for sale at a visitor center in Gettysburg National Military Park.

The 7"-tall dolls depict John Wilkes Booth with a handgun. They were removed from shelves Saturday, the day after a reporter from Hanover's The Evening Sun asked about them.

Gettysburg Foundation spokeswoman Dru Anne Neil said Tuesday the dolls were available only for about a week before the park superintendent, the foundation president and the bookstore manager decided they shouldn't be for sale.

On April 14, Booth shot Lincoln during a performance of "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theatre. The Civil War was drawing to a close, and Booth was a Confederate sympathizer.

The manufacturer of the bobbleheads, based in Kansas City, Mo., said the Booth dolls are a top seller, and more are being produced. They are also available for sale online.

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