Getting Messy at the Z-Burger Eating Championship

Z-Burger held its third annual Burger Eating Championship on Friday, with 15 people looking to win $5,500 worth of cash and food prizes.

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Shivan Sarna
Z-Burger in Tenleytown held its third annual burger eating competition Friday afternoon. Fifteen competitors, both amateurs and pros, had 10 minutes to eat as many burgers as possible.
Shivan Sarna
"Mouth of South" gears up.
Shivan Sarna
Owner of the Tenleytown Z-Burger Peter Tabibian (R) said he changed up the style this year and made the burgers slightly bigger.
Shivan Sarna
Contestants were given a certain amount of time at the start to unwrap the burgers.
Shivan Sarna
Joe "Gentleman" Menchetti chows down.
Shivan Sarna
People were advised not to get too close to the competition table, or they were about to get messy.
Shivan Sarna
Om nom nom...
Shivan Sarna
Ten down -- how many more to go?
Shivan Sarna
Spectators received free burgers by saying the password "Grilled to Perfection," the chain's slogan.
Shivan Sarna
People took a break from work to watch the competition.
Shivan Sarna
David "Tiger Wings and Things" Brunelli contended he had won the competition, saying he had eaten 17 burgers -- but he was disqualified because he couldn't hold down all his burgers.
Pete "Furious Pete" Czerwinski and Dale "Mouth of South" Boone tied for first place. They then participated in an eat-off, where they had a minute to eat as many burgers as they could to determine the final winner.
Shivan Sarna
They succumbed to the crowd's "Hug!" chants, but the two finalists got into a heated exchange when Czerwinski said Boone cheated by leaving parts of a burger in a water cup.
Shivan Sarna
"Furious Pete" won the burger competition for the third year in a row, eating 17 burgers in total. (Last year he set the record at 23). He received $1,750 in cash and $750 in Z-Burger tokens.
Shivan Sarna
...Anyone still up for a free burger?
Shivan Sarna
Menchetti, who came in third place, ate 10 burgers. He won $400 in cash and another $400 in Z-Burger vouchers.
Shivan Sarna
"Munchin Mike" (L) and 19-year-old "T-Bone" (R) tied for fifth place. They each took home 100 bucks in cash and another hundred in burger tokens.
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