Georgetown's Newest Sweet Spot

Did you know that Georgetown's SweetGreen is the mastermind of three recent college grads? Did you know that the trio has already expanded their franchise to Dupont Circle with plans to open a future location in Bethesda? Talk about top of the class.

The area's latest sweet spot, SweetGreen, offers diners a healthy and eco-friendly choice in casual dining. The salad shops boasts of the freshest ingredients and offers patrons traditional hand-crafted salads as well as the option to mix and match ingredients to their own taste.

Who says healthy food has to be expensive? Most of this shop's meals are under ten bucks.

To top it all off, SweetGreen also offers frozen yogurt treats starting at $4.

The trick behind this green restaurant is a stamp of approval from the Green Restaurant Association. Along with offering a super healthy menu, the SweetGreen store is actually made of reclaimed hickory wood from a barn in Virginia, and all of their packaging is biodegradable! Everything ... even the spoons and forks.

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