Georgetown’s Hottest Sale?

Troubled mall may be headed to auction

Georgetown Key Bridge

Looking for a great bargain in Georgetown? We’ve got a great deal for you! All you have to do is head to the Shops at Georgetown Park (that mall on the corner of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue).

What’s the deal on? Well, the mall itself.

It appears that the financially strapped mall will be going to auction next month, after previous deals to buy it fell through. This could become one of the region’s largest commercial real estate foreclosures in recent years, according to the Washington Post.

Interested in putting in a bid? This mall is a real fixer-upper. More than half of its 300,000 square feet are vacant, and analysts say any prospective tenants may not want to commit to anything until the ownership issue is settled.

Maybe we can consolidate all of Georgetown's cupcake shops under one roof...

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