U Street Music Hall Debuts the Octopus Cupcake

Jesse Tittsworth

Is there no limit to the District's bizarre cupcake fetish? Buzz Bakery has cupcakes made with bacon and veggies. Then, Bourbon Steak unveiled the savory pork cupcake.

Now, U Street Music Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth's entourage has attempted to push the boundaries of baked and frosted shark-jumping even farther with the octopus cupcake, dubbed "Moombahpus."

Mona Wilson's Moombahpus Cupcake from Jesse Tittsworth on Vimeo.

Georgetown Cupcake, Eat Your Heart Out: Jesse Tittsworth’s Crew Debuts the Octopus Cupcake was originally published by Washington City Paper on July 29, 2011.

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