‘No Scooter Zone' Sign Spotted at GMU in Arlington

George Mason University is revising its policy on electric scooters on its Arlington campus after initially posting "no scooter zone" signs.

Electric motor scooters like those operated by the companies Lime and Bird popped up around the District less than a year ago and their popularity is rising.

With a $1 fee to use them and prorated rates based on time used, electric scooters offer a quick and affordable way to navigate city streets. However, critics have noted concerns with etiquette after scooters started appearing in pedestrian walkways at George Mason University's campus in Arlington, Virginia.

Buzz McClain, a GMU spokesperson, said students were repeatedly leaving scooters at the front of the school's main building, leading to a sign reading "No Scooter Zone, All Scooters Must Be Parked At Bike Rack."

"It says over and over again, do not do this, do not do that. And the last message is, 'do not leave this in the middle of a sidewalk," McClain said.

But the school recognizes the popularity of the scooters, so it is softening the message, McClain said.

"I think the 'no scooter zone' sign got the attention of a lot of people, a little exclamatory. So we're gonna tone down the messaging and say, 'park the scooters over by the bikes,' and that's it."

Some GMU students said scooters are popular and shouldn't be banned,.

"I think it would probably hurt the numberof applicants that they would get to the school itself," Taylor Manley said. "A lot of kids my age are looking to ride scooters around and it's a quick and easy way to get to class."

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