From AZ to DC, Follow the Capitol Christmas Tree

Now you can look at it all you want

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Jim Cross KTAR

Where is the Capitol Christmas Tree? It's no secret anymore.

Yes, what was once such a big secret that the U.S. Forest Service released a photo of some people looking at another tree in the same forest, is now available for all to see on Facebook and Twitter.

The tree's almost a rock star, with its own tour schedule, official website, blog (albeit one that is not up and running yet) and photo gallery.

What's next? A BlackBerry?

For the record, we're partial to the falling snowflakes and clickable candy canes at, which also tells you how far the tree's traveled.

The 85-foot blue spruce, which is taller than a 7-story building, was cut from Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. It's scheduled to arrive in Chevy Chase on Friday, Nov. 27, and will be presented to Congress on Monday, Nov. 30.

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