Free Slurpee Day

Ah yes, a nice, cold, refreshing drink is just the thing anyone needs to cool off during a hot summer day. Well, what if we said that you could get a refreshing Slurpee for free?

To celebrate today's unofficial birthday of 7-Eleven, the company expects to give away about five million 7.11-ounce Slurpees.  Just walk in, pick out a flavor and walk out, as simple as that.

You may be thinking, "Hey that’s great for me, but wow that company is dumb, they're going to lose a ton of money."

But think again.

CNBC reported that Nancy Smith, vice president of marketing, said that after last year's 7-Eleven event, Slurpee sales rocketed up on that day by 38 percent! Maybe they do really know what their doing...

Don't wait too long, though. The offer only lasts today. Get to your nearest 7-Eleven location and get your freebie. Happy "birthday," 7-Eleven, and thanks for giving out presents to all of us.

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