Free Pancakes Today

We hope you love wonderful things, because we're about to tell you about a wonderful thing. Ready? Yes, yes you are. IHOPs are serving up free shortstacks Tuesday for National Pancake Day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

According to The Feast, "Pancake Day is technically in reference to Shrove Tuesday, the British version of Mardi Gras -- though this marketing gimmick takes place a week before Fat Tuesday on March 8 (but whatever, free pancakes)."

Although the pancakes are free, IHOP is collecting donations for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and other local charities.

We're assuming that the relatively newish Columbia Heights IHOP (3100 14th St. N.W.) will be packed to the gills. Other participating spots include 935 N. Stafford St., Arlington (right outside the Ballston Metro) and 7405 New Hampshire Ave., Takoma Park, Md.

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