Life Just Keeps Getting Better: Free Chocolate

Free goodies before the Dupont High Heel Race

The prospect of tonight's Dupont High Heel Race just keeps getting better. First, there's tons of guys -- ranging from lumberjacks to drag queens and everything in between -- racing down 17th Street in feather boas and pumps. But now, there's free chocolate, too? Jeez, just how much better can this actually get?

Divine Chocolate, a D.C.-based fair-trade chocolate brand, will be handing out 3,000+ samples at the Dupont Circle South Metro stop and also at the race today, 4 to 8 p.m. (or until they run out, anyway).

The company's cocoa beans are grown in a rainforest in Ghana, and fermented and dried by the farmers who co-own the company. The treats are then decorated with traditional West African Adinkra symbols. We can't interpret them,  but the company says they bear messages of goodwill. But actually, we already have all the goodwill we need, thanks to the fact that they're handing out FREE! CHOCOLATE!

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