Ex-Secty of State Madeleine Albright Pushes the (Character) Limit

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is interested in reaching out to young Americans about her vision for NATO -- even if it means confining to the rigid confines of character limits.

"It's hard to get it into 26 characters," Albright said last night at a panel discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council. "We have to explain why an alliance that was formed 60 years ago is still relevant ... and we have to continue to make that case."

Albright, who recently chaired a group charged with outlining NATO’s new strategy, will have her report discussed at the next NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal, in November.

Among the recommendations are that the alliance "be prepared to assure all its members that they will be secure against the full range of possible threats, whether they emerge from afar or from unfavorable developments in the Euro-Atlantic region."

On Wednesday, Albright also stressed the importance of fostering partnerships in the global community, Russia in particular. 

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