For the Love of Bathing

How to smell awesome while being eco-chic

Sure, blueberries, brown sugar and milk are good for your tummy, but did you know they’re also great when used on your skin?

Kristina Libby did. So she ditched the corporate world and created a high-end, organic bath product line she named For the Love of Bathing. Super-dry skin, sore muscles or a lackluster complexion got you down? Libby -- who has a Masters in International Relations (OK, guess she didn't need it) -- has an all-natural solution for whatever ails you (and your skin).

At age 10, Libby developed an affinity for mixing homemade potions with her mother at the kitchen table. She fell in love with the scent of wild blueberries, the calming properties of olive oil and honey, and the exfoliating magic of brown sugar and oatmeal.
Now, Libby's own organic line is free of synthetic dyes, artificial ingredients and animal fats. Plus, did we mention that five percent of the proceeds go to women’s charities, and Libby uses recyclable containers?
Kissable lips are made with the Luxury Summer Lip Exfoliant, which uses orange peel, brown sugar and cinnamon. Parched skin will stop crying out for attention after you rehydrate with the Luxury Summer Body Lotion, eight heavenly ounces scented with blueberry. Organic almond oil, oats, hibiscus flowers and essential rose oil make up the Cherry Blossom Special Body Scrub.
Feed your skin with one of several products available online, or ask Libby to customize an entire set based on your aromatherapy needs. Before you know it, you’ll be nourished from the inside out.
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