Five Guys, But How Many Critters?

Dupont and Georgetown locations temporarily shuttered

Two locations of the popular burger joint Five Guys are currently closed due to possible rat problems, reports DCist. Mmm, we're getting hungry now!

Inside Edition's "Rat Patrol" stealthily hung around outside the two locations after hours. The team saw a pack of rats outside the doors of the Dupont location (1645 Connecticut Ave. NW), while in Georgetown (1335 Wisconsin Ave. NW), another rattie was digging through a sack of potatoes. Now aren't you glad for those overflowing French fry servings they give you at Five Guys? Yeah, we thought not.

Says DCist: "D.C. Department of Health spokesperson Dena Iverson said that the closure was not a city action; Inside Edition says it found a pack of rats right outside the back door of the restaurant two nights in a row, and that's apparently prompted Five Guys to decide to shut down for clean up as a preventive measure."

Calls to both locations confirmed they are still closed. A staffer at the Georgetown spot said they're planning to reopen "first thing tomorrow morning."

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