First, the Aliens, Then the Escaleftors

New shoot 'em up game includes Metro

Long delays on the Metro got you down? Tired of getting stuck behind escaleftors?

Wouldn't it feel good to just take out a gun and shoot some ... aliens?

Yes, it would, thank you very much.

A new video game lets you shoot 'em up in the Metro system. Run around on the tracks or on the platforms and take out your commuter frustrations on a few evil ALFs (no, not the cat-eating variety).

Check out the trailer for The Conduit: Commuter Nightmare here:

Thanks to UnsuckDCMetro for the tip on this one.

It looks fun and all, but the clip is really just small potatoes compared to the new trailer just released for the new Star Wars game that comes out soon.

If you're a Star Wars fan at all, check out the trailer below for The Old Republic. Why is it that this trailer is so much better than the last three Star Wars movies combined?

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