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Father of Teen Killed When Guardrail Pierced Her Car Hopes President Trump Sees His Super Bowl Pregame Commercial

A father who's fighting for a national recall of a controversial guardrail hopes to get the attention of President Donald Trump Sunday.

Steve Eimers paid for a 30-second commercial that will run before the Super Bowl.

His 17-year-old daughter Hannah was killed a little more than a year ago when she crashed into a guardrail. Instead of deflecting her vehicle, the guardrail pierced it.

Eimers hopes his ad, which will run sometime during pregame coverage, will be seen by Trump at Mar-a-Lago. He paid about $1,000 for his spot to run on NBC in Palm Beach.

Eimers, of Tennessee, went to Capitol Hill last week for a meeting with congressional aides. He wants lawmakers to push the Federal Highway Administration for a recall.

In the fall, a News4 consumer investigation found hundreds of the controversial guardrails on roads in Maryland and Virginia. Maryland announced it would stop using the guardrail on new projects after the report. Virginia has not installed new ones since 2016.

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