Fat Camp at Capitol Skyline Pool, Anyone?

What better way to celebrate the big 233? Wow, we're old.

In honor of our nation's birthday, crafty-thinkin' social planners Brightest Young Things is granting this Saturday's "summer camp" an American theme -- FAT CAMP. Says the Web site: "What’s more American than pork products and obesity?" (Their words, not ours. Really. We promise.)

For just $10 for the entire day (noon-8 p.m.), you can enjoy a heavyweight day at Capitol Skyline Pool (10 I St. S.W.).

What can you expect from this oh-so-special Fat Camp edition of their regular pool party? Fatback DJs will be spinning tunes throughout the day. Also look out for Presidential Physical Challenges, eating contests, truffle-shuffle contests, "bacon-flavored surprises" (um, yum?), sparklers (duh, 'cause what's an Independence Day without them?) and more. Yes indeedy, there WILL be contests (and with contests, you can always expect suh-weet prizes contests.

Come decked out in your most patriotic red, white and blue getup. There's no doubt about it -- this party is the place to be. Hey, last week, 700 people showed up -- and 700 people can’t lie. Maybe individually, sure, but not collectively. It's just not possible.

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