Fashion Washington Turns Three

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Kate Michael

"Fashion is more than your clothing; it's your home," said FW publisher Jenny Abramson at Mitchell Gold and Bob WilliamsThursday evening.  

To fete the publication's third year, the Washington Post's FW held an anniversary soiree and decor discussion at  the 14th Street showroom, with guests of honor Mitchell Gold and HGTV "Apartment Therapy" interior designer Sally Steponkus. 

"Trends right now are anything tribal, ethnic or travel related," Steponkus told the crowd lounging on the store's furniture pieces and sipping Voli vodka cocktails.

 "And wallpaper is making a comeback!"

No, she doesn't mean the desktop computer kind.

"People think of Washington as beige homes, more beige... and a navy suit," Abramson chimed in as the Q&A came to a close. "But I think that what many of us have finally realized over these three years is that  Washington is actually cool."   

Her final words of wisdom: "Keep dressing well." 

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