Clinton, Sans Stacy: Fashion Police Chief in Town

Macy's & Clinton Kelly make over America... or at least, someone in Pentagon City

Unfortunately, the District has a definite shortage of fashion police. The current ridiculous and reckless weather patterns have thrown locals into a fashion frenzy of violations. Should you wear sandals? Should you wear a sweater? Maybe both at the same time...?

The temporary solution to this problem: Bring in authorities from other jurisdictions. Fashion guru Clinton Kelly -- best known for co-hosting TLC's "What Not to Wear" -- will be at the Macy’s & Clinton Kelly Make Over America Contest this Saturday, March 27. One local winner will receive a $500 makeover. Nationwide, eight Macy’s branches will participate in the mega-contest, and one winner from each store will compete for trip to NYC for a head-to-toe makeover by Clinton... and of course, the show's always-coveted $5,000 shopping spree.

Make D.C. a safer fashion district by heading out to learn a thing or two about what not to wear. And if you purposely wear a hideous outfit in hopes of getting picked... well, shame on you. (And good idea.)

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