Fashion Blogger Shares Shopping Secrets

It's an oft-repeated stereotype that D.C. has no sense of style. We obviously beg to differ, and for those who doubt us, we direct you to District of Chic, where blogger E (she prefers to use an alias) documents her daily ensembles, all of which are enviably put-together and, it's true, insanely chic.

We caught up with E on her favorite looks this summer, where she shops in D.C., and why she's on the hunt for reasonable heels.

The Feast: When and why did you decide to start your blog?
E of District of Chic: Fall 2008, after constantly exhausting fashion magazines and turning to fashion blogs for inspiration. After reading them for a while, I decided I would give it a try myself.
How do you choose your outfits?
It really depends. Sometimes I have a picture of what I hope to achieve in mind. Sometimes there’s a particular piece that I want to wear. Whatever mood strikes me, really.

How would you describe your style?
To be honest, kind of schizophrenic. I guess I could say there are elements of preppy, romantic, western, and punk in there, but it's really all over the place.

What have you been wearing non-stop lately?
My Jean-Michel Cazabat brogues, a gold cuff from Eclectic Threads, blazers from Zara, a blue and white floral dress from Zara, a straw fedora from Banana Republic, and a set of bangles I found at Mint Condition in Alexandria.

Which local designers/shops do you love and why?
I've always had good luck with Secondi. I found an Alexander Wang dress and a Missoni skirt and sweater set there, both of which I love to death. I love the wonderful creations at Ginger Root, especially the lady ties! I recently discovered Eclectic Threads, which is like walking into a vintage candy store (if there were such a thing). In the past, I’ve found some great jewelry and sunglasses at the Georgetown Flea Market. I’ve also found quite a few goodies at the McLean Treasure Trove. Of course, like a lot of girls, I get a lot of my basics at Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21.

What inspires you about DC?
It’s a beautiful city with the perfect balance of southern charm and cosmopolitan elegance. I think that combination inspires me to dress up and look a little more polished. And then there’s this other dimension of the city that brings out the more fun, experimental side of me.

What are you craving for summer?
Color! I’ve been stocking up on tons of bright pieces in recent months. I’m loving this bright trend. I’ve also been on the hunt for ladylike pumps – pointy toes and reasonable heels are back (which is probably a good thing for me, since I’m not terribly coordinated)! Lately, I’ve been searching for beige and nude colored shoes to balance out the bright colored clothes.

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