Fans Vocal About “Leaked” Wizards Logo

An image of the Wizards logo on a design site caused quite a stir today within the media and among fans. The logo, which was simply a red and blue version of the existing design, was speculated to be the new version launching for next season.

After the rumor was reported, here and here for starters, the Wizards logo on the design company’s website was changed to the current color scheme. Unfortunately the damage had already been done, forcing Ted Leonsis to respond to the rumor on his blog:

“Many of you have seen a new version of a Wizards logo circulating online. We won’t get into confirming or denying the validity of any logo designs. We appreciate and understand the excitement surrounding the new color scheme, and we are planning a comprehensive brand launch. We will announce the specific date for our public unveiling event soon and look forward to sharing our new brand identify with our fans.”

Quite frankly, the current logo is awful. We certainly hope that the new brand identity isn’t simply the old identity with a coat of paint.

That's just our humble opinion, but what do the fans think? We took to the Twitters to find out.

The criticism even went international.

So did anyone approve? We found this fan who, with the price of jerseys these days, may need to take out a second mortgage on his house to update his wardrobe.

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