Voted Against Bailout? Locals Don't Want Your Autograph

Before becoming a U.S. Senator, Bunning played for the Tigers.

Before becoming a U.S. Senator (R-KY) in 1996, Jim Bunning enjoyed a 17-year Hall of Fame career in the major leagues. He made his debut with the Tigers in 1955 and remained with the team for nine seasons. He eventually moved on to the Phillies (before making brief stops in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh), but five of his seven career All-Star appearances came while with his original team.

Despite making a comfortable living as a U.S. Senator, Bunning was scheduled to make an appearance at a metro Detroit baseball card show this weekend, selling his autograph for $35 a pop. But in light of his vote yesterday to reject a $14 billion loan package to the Big 3 automakers, his invitation has been rescinded. From the Detroit News:

"Being a business owner in Michigan for over 30 years, I simply cannot support anyone who, in my opinion, votes against the economic well being of our great state," said trade center owner James Koester.

Something tells me this was a wise decision. In fact, something tells me Bunning might want to re-consider showing his face anywhere in Michigan in the near future -- I imagine more than a few members of the UAW would like to meet him, and not because they're looking for a freshly-signed 8x10.

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