T.O. Says He Isn't Jealous of Tony Romo, Jason Witten

Since Romo returned from his pinkie injury, he's gone to Owens more than anybody else.

Yesterday, ESPN's Ed Werder reported that Cowboys wideout Terrell Owens is jealous of what quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten have together. It's all very Sweet Valley High, but with more blubbering.

Last night, Gretz made an important point, writing, "As we've seen in the past, any relationship that Owens has can be broken ... Remember the moments after the Cowboys' playoff loss to the Giants a year ago and Owens' response? Fast forward to this past Sunday, when Owens, essentially, threw Romo under a moving bus, saying, 'It's his job to go out there and assess what the defense is, and he made that decision.''

Well, good news Cowboys fans who haven't yet given up on the season: T.O. declares that he doesn't have a crush on Romo and isn't jealous of Witten. So the team can get back to the business of trying to make the postseason.

Via the Dallas Morning News' Calvin Watkins:

"I'm not jealous of Witten," Owens said Thursday night. "I'm not jealous of nobody. I can take the approach that I got paid, so screw everything, but that's not me." ...

"I just want to win," Owens said. "I'm not trying to create a war of words with anybody. I thought we had a productive meeting, and I just talked to [offensive coordinator] Jason [Garrett] about Tony reading the whole play because other people are open besides Witten."

Head coach Wade Phillips, presumably just up from his nap, dismissed the controversy, and then promptly went back to sleep.

As for Owens' concerns about Romo looking for Witten more than other receivers during games, Watkins writes that, in the last three weeks, Witten has caught more passes than T.O. But since Romo returned from his pinkie injury, he's gone to Owens more than anybody else.

Whatever, points to T.O. for just not going ballistic on Romo on the sidelines. Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb are very confused by it all.

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