Redskins' Jim Zorn Says He's the ‘Worst Coach In America'

In the world of the Washington Redskins, everything moves at warp speed. You would think Jim Zorn has been the Redskins head coach for three or four years now with all the extreme ups and downs this season.

So Zorn walked into yesterday's press conference fresh off a humiliating loss in Cincinnati that all but ended Washington's playoff hopes. The weary Zorn stepped up to the microphone and promptly blamed himself for the team's woes:

"I have to look at myself. It's all about me. I need to check my plan of attack and my staff, we need to reevaluate. ... We have to take resopnosibility for some of these games that haven't turned out like we planned."

"It hurts. I feel like the worst coach in America. [The players] risk a lot. They put out tremendous effort, tremendous emotion to go out and play. We can win some of these games. I have a hard time looking at the talent and just saying that's [the problem] and moving on."

Zorn has been through it all this season. His hiring as the head coach left many scratching their heads. He then opened the year with a dud of a game in New York and everyone felt he was in over his head. Next thing you know, the Redskins won six of seven games and owned one of the best records in the NFL.

The bottom would then fall out as the Redskins are currently mired in a 1-5 slump and the offense ... which Zorn runs ... is having trouble scoring. Jason Campbell ... who is Zorn's protege ... seems to have lost confidence. Now there are rumblings that Zorn may lose his job at the end of the season.

You could see all of this on Zorn's face as he talked about his plan to figure out what is going wrong.

The odd thing is that if you told me before the season that the Redskins would be 7-7 right now, I'd take it. If you told me six weeks ago that the Redskins would be 7-7 right now, I would have thought you were nuts.

Of course Zorn isn't the "worst coach in America". He was the guy that had this team at 6-2 with wins over the Saints, Cardinals, Cowboys and Eagles. He just hasn't shown an ability to adapt his system once the league has had time dissecting it. Also, it seems as if his ego is getting in the way of his coaching (why else would you not use Clinton Portis when you have 1st-and-goal at the Bengals' one-yard line).

He better learn how to adapt if he wants to survive this season.

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