On Brock Lesnar and the UFC's Credibility

by Michael David Smith

I continue to hear from MMA fans and MMA critics alike who say that Brock Lesnar -- a former pro wrestler who's only been training in MMA for a couple of years -- winning the UFC heavyweight championship tarnishes the credibility of the UFC and the sport in general.

This FanHouse commenter is the latest:

I enjoy MMA, but lets face it, It is like a triathlete good at(running, swimming and biking) but not great at any. Could you think of someone coming into boxing (after being a pro wrestler) and becoming heavy weight champ. I'm Happy for Brock (scary dude) but him winning proves that MMA is an overrated toughman contest. Still enjoyable but not much skill required. Brock brings down the creditbility of the UFC and MMA in general. I'll still watch though just like I would watch a street fight.

Before Lesnar made his UFC debut, I was sympathetic to that argument. But I'm not anymore.

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