Nuggets Hand Out Kittens to Fans, PETA Is Unamused

This one should be a real head-scratcher to anyone with an ounce of common sense, but who knows, maybe that mile high air in Denver is getting to the people on the Nuggets' PR staff.

At a recent home game, someone thought it would be a great idea for the team's mascot to come onto the floor with a box of live kittens, and proceed to pass them out to anyone in the stands who claimed to want one.

PETA, who has been involved in some sillier causes relating to the NBA in the past, predictably weighed in on this one:

Handing kittens out like candy to any spectator who wants one is a virtual death sentence for the animals. All too often, people who acquire cats on a whim discover that caring for them is more work than they expected, and the animals end up dumped on the streets, abandoned in extremely crowded animal shelters, or obtained by unscrupulous individuals who sell them to laboratories or use them in dogfights or rituals.

The "obtained by unscrupulous individuals" part is an example of the type of hyperbole that typically turns people off to PETA, but this time, I think the organization is 100% correct. There's a strong possibility that most of the animals handed out were turned loose as soon as the people emptied into the parking lot, which is obviously pretty sad. The NBA has enough problems; animal cruelty isn't one that teams should be looking to add to the list.

(via Deadspin)

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