NFC East: Where Drama Happens!

You want the best drama? Forget TNT, FX, HBO or Showtime. Just keep tabs on the four teams that comprise the NFC East.

Many people feel the NFC East is the best division in the NFL (the NFC South may disagree with that). There is no debate that the division leads the league in controversies

this year this week

this year and this week.

Where do we start with the Dallas Cowboys? Whether Pacman Jones' is reinstated into the league, suspended from the league, reinstated to the league, Tony Romo's injury or Jerry Jones or Terrell Owens' mouth, the team has always been in the news. This week alone has featured everyone dumping on Romo after his game-losing interception on Sunday, Jerry Jones calling out Marion Barber's toughness, Pacman's neck injury in his first game back after his suspension and now the news that T.O. is jealous of the Romo-Jason Witten power couple (is it "Romitten"?).

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be the hands-down best team in the NFC this season. Now they are staring at the team that has taken that title ... the New York Giants ... in a game that the Cowboys really, really need to win. Just imagine an offseason in Dallas if the team fails to make the playoffs.

The Cowboys' biggest rival is also trying to put out some fires. The Washington Redskins were the blog and sports talk darlings after Clinton Portis and Jim Zorn threw some bombs at each other via the media earlier this week. There is nothing better than the star player going on the radio and smacking on the head coach. Then it magically gets squashed a day later.

Zorn is doing his best to put his fanny on the hot seat. This caps off a 1-4 stretch where Zorn's offense has looked inept and a once thriving playoff life is being extinguished. His coaching skills have also been put into question since his protegé Jason Campbell has struggled over the last two months.

Hey, did you remember that little thing involving the Giants' Plaxico Burress the last couple of weeks? While still buzz-worthy, this isn't even the top news story of the division right now. Who knew that the Cowboys have already swung the drama momentum their way heading into their Sunday night game?

What about the questions swirling around the future of the Eagles' Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid? Before Plaxico capped himself in the leg, everyone was chatting about McNabb's benching against the Ravens. After an impressive win on Thanksgiving, that whole thing looks like an Osmond Christmas special.

Let's recap: Last week was all Plaxico, Sunday was when three of the four teams lost on bad showings, Monday was Jerry Jones calling out Barber, Tuesday was Zorn vs Portis, Wednesday was when Zorn, Portis and Jerry Jones all decided to clarify their comments and Thursday was the news of Owens' jealousy. C'mon Eagles! You have one more day this week to get something on the board.

The NFC East is filled with four franchises in huge markets, rabid fan-bases, dynamic owners and next year will own the three largest NFL stadiums. While the fighting on the field has been outstanding, the battles off the field have risen to another level.

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