Jerry Stackhouse Wants Out of Dallas

Dallas has been perhaps the most disappointing team early this team, with (dis)honorable mentions awarded to Philadelphia and the Clippers. The Mavs sit at 3-7 at this juncture, an overtime win against the Knicks being the latest rare salvation. As such, it's not surprising to see reporting that Mavs GM Donnie Nelson is working trade channels hard.

From inside, one player is getting his Harrington on: Jerry Stackhouse, who received a DNP-CD from Rick Carlisle despite perfect health, wants to be traded somewhere he'll be able to play. From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's blog:

"I'm exploring options," Stackhouse said after the Mavs' Monday workout in Charlotte, N.C. "The team is always going to protect itself, I can't force their hand to do anything. I don't really know all the options right now. I talked to [agent] Jeff [Schwartz] yesterday. ... I think it's to the point now where it's time to start researching some things and seeing if there's other possibilities that make more sense for me right now." 

On the spectrum of valuable trade pieces, Stack is closer to "superfluous bench vet" than "key acquisition." Best case scenario: a veteran contender picks him up for cheap, team wins a title, Stackhouse gets inordinate share of credit. (It worked for P.J. Brown/Sam Cassell/James Posey!) What teams could be looking for a little old-school scoring punch? San Antonio eternally, and possibly Toronto, Atlanta or the aforementioned 76ers.

The real problem in Dallas, though, is that no one can tell whether this team is coming or going. You hang onto the dream one summer too long, and you find yourself looking up from an eternal rebuilding purgatory 10 years later.

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