Ed Tapscott Says the New Look Wizards Will ‘Grind You Up', Talks About Young Wilbon

Ed Tapscott Ziller noted recently

But one thing is for certain -- while Tapscott is running the Wizards, they will grind you up; at least that's what he told Steinberg the team's signature would be.

I want ours to be this is one of the hardest working teams, and one that executes. We grind you up, and we execute....We play hard and we execute, because we can control that. Those are the things we can control. Don't ask guys to do things they can't control, you ask guys to do things they can control. So that's how we want to change our approach, we want to develop a signature, and so if that's our signature after some time here, then we will meet with some more success, I really believe that.

Also interestingly in the Q/A was the note that the last time he coached -- at American University -- the beat writer he had busting his chops was none other than WaPo iconite Michael Wilbon. Who will also grind you up, Ed, only in full column form.

The one problem I do see with the whole "grind you up" thing is that, well, grinding and whatnot seems to indicate some semblance of defense. And while Tapscott may legitimately believe that he can get this team to play some D, recent history would indicate otherwise. So, yeah, color me skeptical on how well whatever style shift is coming will work. On the bright side: Blake Griffin!

Ed Tapscott Says the New Look Wizards Will 'Grind You Up', Talks About Young Wilbon originally appeared on NBA FanHouse on Wed, 26 Nov 2008 08:45:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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