Chase Utley Explains When Kids Can Use the F-Bomb

"I tell all kids not to use that word," the Phillies second baseman said.

Chase Utley met with reporters yesterday, and after faking everybody out with an exaggerated limp as he walked into the room, he revealed that his recovery from hip surgery three weeks ago has advanced without a hitch.

It's gone so well, in fact, that he's hoping to be ready for Opening Day, a far cry from the worst-case scenario that originally predicted he could miss the first six weeks of the season. The team will have a better idea of his timetable in a few more weeks once he starts to focus more on strengthening the joint, but so far, so good.

Oh, and remember that ill-advised f-bomb he dropped on national TV during the team's World Series celebration rally downtown? He wanted to clarify the poor example he set for Philadelphia's youth. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"That was definitely an emotional day that we all had," Utley said. "That drive down Broad Street to the park was one of the best days of my life. I imagine for a lot of Phillies fans it was the same. I could have used different words to express myself. At the time, I didn't. I tell all kids not to use that word. If they're 29 and they win the World Series, I think they can say that. But I definitely would say to all the kids out there, 'Kids, it's a bad word. Don't say it.' And I'm dead serious."

You hear that kids? F-bombs are for winners only!

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