Home is Where the Heart, and Feet, Are

Most Americans stay close to hometowns, survey says

Most U.S.-born adults never move far from their hometowns, according to a Pew Research Center survey, USA Today reported.
Fifty-six percent never left their birth state, and 37 percent stayed in their hometowns, saying they want to stay close to family.
Geographic mobility is at its lowest level since 1948. The survey showed 13.2 percent moved from 2006 to 2007. Census numbers to be released next year show a continued decline to 11.9 percent. In 1951, that figure was 21.2 percent.

Factoring in to the decreased mobility is the aging population. The prime ages for moving are 18 to 29. Also, two career couples have complicated moves and the job market is bad.

Also, fifteen percent of people surveyed have lived in four or more states.
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