False Alarm at Cher's House Makes Her Heart Flutter

A false alarm at Cher's house Thursday morning left the singer very happy with the response from emergency crews -- and we're not talking about how fast they got there.

A panic alarm or medic alert button was pushed in error at her Malibu home so Los Angeles County paramedics and firemen responded, according to Access Hollywood.

It was all a simple mistake.. but the intrusion didn't bother Cher one bit.  In fact, she loved it.

Her rep told Access, "It was a false alarm but (Cher) said she never saw so many cute firemen and paramedics in her life."

Hmm... we don't want to bring up the "C" word but if cougar fits...

In fact, one man in particular caught her fancy.  Her rep said, "There was an especially gorgeous black haired ambulance driver that she is really sorry she didn't get to meet."

Cher is probably singing a familiar hit today... "If I Could Turn Back Time."

Maybe she should post an add on Craigslist Missed Connections.

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