Coyote Ugly: Hockey Players Face Off in Flip Cup Contest After Loss to Caps

A puck or a bucket of beer -- as long it's on ice, these players are game. 

A group of Georgetown University undergraduates came upon a handful of Phoenix Coyotes players taking in the Colts v. Jets playoff game at Rhino Bar last night as the icemen nursed their bruised egos following their Saturday night loss to the Washington Capitals.

The students then challenged the hockey players to the ultimate collegiate suds-swilling contest: flip cup.

The challenge was accepted, but on one condition.

"We don't do beer on tap," quipped one of the toothless titans, "so it'll have to be Miller Lite bottles."

The Coyotes were out to prove they could get a win in Washington. The game goes like this: After chugging a full beer, players attempt to flip an empty plastic cup off the edge of the table so that it stands upright. A failed flip results in another chug, then rebound and repeat.

"This is probably the coolest game I've ever seen put together in this place," Rhino manager Dave Nelson said as the first round began.

Despite their routine and intense studies in the field of flip cup, the students were stunned by the icemen's skills at the toss.  And the Coyotes got a rare off-the-ice chance at a hat trick as the students begged to bet on the "best of three."

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