Evolution Ain't Happening For Most Americans

More Americans believe in ESP than do in Darwin's theory

Science? Ha. We should be teaching the X-Files.

Only 39 percent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution, according a Gallup poll released this week. That's less than the amount of people who believe in extrasensory perception.

The numbers, released on the eve of the 200th anniversary of evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin's birthday, show that Americans still doubt that God did not have a hand in human development. Forty-one percent of Americans, however, believe in a psychic "sixth sense" or ESP, an earlier Gallup poll revealed.

Churchgoers were less likely to believe in evolution - only 24 percent of avid visitors to God's house said they bought Darwin's thesis.

A startling 41 percent of churchgoers and 25 percent of all Americans said they strongly believed evolution didn't happen at all.

Younger, more educated people skewed strongly toward believing in evolution, the poll showed. Shocking!

The Feb. 11 poll comes during a week of birthday festivities celebrating Darwin's big 2-0-0.

The Vatican said during the celebrations that Creationism and evolution could be compatible, admitting that Darwin's theories could have a definitive place in religious views on human development.

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