End-of-Days Watch: Teen Sends 14,528 Txts

"Bored" 13-year-old texted every two minutes of each waking hour. We can't think of anything pithy to say about this.

Hey, we remember being 13. We read a lot of magazines with bubble-shaped graphics, crushed on our English teacher, and tried to make our retainer look sexy. We're not sure we'd have had time to send close to 15,000 text messages in a month -- sometimes to a person who was sitting right next to us at a party.

Reina Hardesty lives in California, and apparently doesn't have repetitive stress injury from the 14,528 texts she sent her friends last month (including her own birthday party, a karaoke bash that she spent texting her bff, who was seated next to her). This is apparently about 12,000 more than the average teen's monthly texting output, which hovers around 1,742. (In other news, we feel old.) The teen's dad, who discovered his daughter was a texting junkie when he got his 440-page AT&T cellphone statement (?!), has tightened the reins: he decreed Reina is no longer allowed to text after dinner.

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