Wife of John Edwards to Write About Affair in Memoir

The senator's wife will spill the beans on her experience with John Edwards' affair

The wife of philandering former presidential nominee John Edwards is penning a memoir that will reportedly address her husband's affair with a videographer, Fox Newsreports.

Elizabeth Edwards will write about the "the affair and how she experienced it" in her new book "Resilience" slated for release on May 12, her publicist told Fox News.  

John Edwards admitted to having an affair with videographer Rielle Hunter last August after the "National Enquirer" broke the story, which led to swirling speculation that the baby Hunter had last year was fathered by Edwards, Fox reported.

Elizabeth Edwards' publicist would not reveal whether Edwards would address the alleged daughter, Frances Quinn, in the memoir.

Edwards is suffering from bone cancer, which was diagnosed as incurable during her husband's 2008 presidential campaign.

"Resilience" is "an unsentimental and ultimately inspirational meditation on the gifts we can find among life’s biggest challenges," the Broadway Books catalog reads and is a follow-up to her memoir "Saving Graces."

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