Dupont Drag Race: Heel Yes

Annual high heel race to take over 17th Street

If you haven't seen men strutting in Miu Mius and feather boas lately -- and really, who has? (wait, don't answer that) -- your chance is coming up. Dupont's annual High Heel Race is set for Tuesday, Oct. 25.

The race on 17th usually begins at R Street, with participants running down to Church Street N.W., in front of JR's Bar & Grill (1519 17th St. N.W.). Generally, 17th Street area between P and S is closed off to traffic to make room for more revelers.

The race itself (9 p.m.) is only about a minute long, but this event is all about the pre-party. Go a hour or two early to catch 100+ drag queens (yep, this drag race is men-only) mingle and/or strut. Costume creativity abounds, from hot pink Britney wigs to patriotic bikinis and Baltimore-style beehives.

And ladies, remember next time you're trudging to the Metro in an uncomfortable pair of shoes: At least you don't have to run in them.

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