Locked and Loaded: A Very NRA Election Day

Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla puts the AK in Alaska

Cocktails for the grownups and firearms safety tips for the young-uns. Welcome to to the NRA's election results party in Sarah Palin's hometown,

It's being hosted in Wasilla, Alaska, the heretofore little-known town that is now basking in the sunlight that its favorite daughter has brought to it.

The NRA shindig -- in addition to the booze and gun-safety classes -- will feature a rock band called Sarah and the Pitt Bulls. Still, according to Politico, Palin's time in the national spotlight has left her less popular among Alaskans than she was before.

Nonetheless, Alaskan kids voted in favor of Sen. John McCain, according to Palin's local paper. The Republican ticket routed the Democrats in a mock vote of first- through fifth-graders, winning with 79% of the popular vote.

“She did a damn good job up here," one Wasillan told Politico, noting that he felt that the vice presidential candidate had been treated unfairly by the mainstream media.

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