Drought: The Stealthy Saboteur

The hidden ways water shortages damage your home, and how to protect against them


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We've already revealed how to stay dry in case of a flood, and now we'll tackle flooding's evil twin: droughts. In these summer months, you could actually be hit with both in a short time, and it's important you're well prepared.

Where floods do immediate, visible damage, a water shortage can wreak havoc in more subtle ways. Did you know that it can hurt your home's plumbing infrastructure? A lack of moisture in the soil will expand the ground, putting strains on the surface that could physically shift your whole plumbing system. If that happens, you'd need all of it replaced, which is an expensive and inconvenient ordeal.  

Even if the drought isn't too severe, shifting soil could still crack a pipe. And once a pipe bursts, you're not only facing repair costs, but the cost of water damaged valuables as well. 

Here are three tactics to stay safe this summer:

Check soil for large cracks: A lack of rain robs precious moisture from the soil, turning it to clay. These cracks could be signs that your yard is thirsty.

Keep moisture levels consistent: This can be achieved with a simple sprinkler system, or a routine, manual hose watering.

Use natural water: If water use has been restricted, heavy watering may not be possible. In this instance, drawing water from natural sources could be the only option. We suggest installing an underground irrigation system.

Keep these tips in mind, and your pipes will thank you. Remember, the best tactic is to remain vigilante, and not let a small issue grow into a larger one. Of course, we understand the amount of effort this involves. Don't have the time? Give Michael & Son a call about our comprehensive Home Cares Agreements plan. Our experts are always happy to lend a hand.

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