Concert Venue to Fans: Double-Fisting Allowed

Loudoun Summer Music Fest asking concert-goers to bring water

Billy Joel Petco Park-9071
John Hancock

The heat is excessive. It is oppressive. It is blinding, burning, blistering heat.  It was 100 degrees Thursday -- that is not an exaggeration. (And it's still June.)

People are sweating. Animals are sweating. Heck, even the trees are sweating.

And while sweating actually works to keep your body cool, in this intense weather, you can easily overheat. That's why the Loudoun Summer Music Fest in Ashburn, Va., is asking everyone who is attending this Sunday's Blues Traveler/Carbon Leaf concert to bring water to the show.

Usually concert venues have the opposite rules -- no outside beverages allowed. But Music Fest organizers want people to bring two sealed, personal-sized bottles of water (24 ounces or less) with them so they can stay hydrated during the show.

Door and show times remain the same.

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