Drink ‘Til the Movie's Good

Alcohol-Serving Cinemas:

We've all been there, that movie so terrible you start looking around the room for blunt objects you could use to knock yourself unconscious with. Or maybe you wonder if there's anyway you could drown away your sorrows at shelling out more than your hourly wage for two hours of entertainment. These cinemas are on the same page. They offer the option of adding alcohol to your cinematic adventure, to make that low-budget comedy seem even more hilarious, or the latest sci-fi flick all the more plausible. Just don't indulge too much. There's nothing more distracting for other movie-goers than your drunken snoring.

Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse:
This restaurant/cinema hybrid brings the booze to you, so the only time you'll have to get out of your chair is to go to the bathroom. Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse has a full service bar, which includes beer, wine and mixed drinks. Each seat has access to table or counter space inside the theater, in case you need to cover your eyes or stifle your laughter during the movie. On top of their cheap movie tickets, they also have daily food specials.
2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

E Street Cinema:
This eight screen cinema specializes in first-run independent and foreign language films. But that's not the only thing they specialize in. Their upscale concessions and espresso bar offers wine and beer, including some not too shabby options like Guinness and Stella. Come early, as seats tend to fill up fast in the tiny theaters.
555 11th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

AMC Maza Gallerie 7:
At AMC Maza Gallerie, the drinks aren't cheap. You have to pay more to enter their "Club Cinema" area, which includes access to a full bar and leather seats inside the theater. The big positive is that you can bring the drinks into the theater with you, but the big negative is that the admission price to the club doesn't include drink prices. That's on top of their standard high ticket prices.
5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

Old Town Theater:
The one drink minimum here may have been put into place in hopes that you don't notice the precarious flooring or bad acoustics. To say this place is rundown is an understatement, but people either love it or hate it. That may just depend on how many drinks they went back for after the first one. 815 1/2 King St., Alexandria, VA

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