Dogs Go Diving at City Pool

Good thing no one else'll be swimming in there for a good eight months

Dogs Go Diving at City Pool was originally published on City Desk on Sep. 14, 2009, at 4:09 p.m.

After spending "the dog days" of summer testing the water quality at D.C. swimming pools, I have decidedly mixed feelings about this footage of neighborhood mascots taking the final dip of the season. Our tests found more than a third of the pools visited were incubating harmful bacteria just like giant Petri dishes.

There’s a definite gross-out factor in letting the doggies in for a dip. Though I’m not quite sure who should be more grossed out -- the pooches or the people -- particularly given the footage of a happy-go-lucky mutt named Taxi Dog lapping up the pool water. Decide for yourself: We’ve got photos and video courtesy of Wayan Vota and the Petworth Listserv. Thanks, Wayan!

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