Dive Back Into the Reef

If there's one thing The Reef doesn't do, it's try to confuse you with its name. The glowing blue insides, coral adorned walls, and, of course, numerous fish tanks help the place exude that underwater vibe. Although a little kitschy, people go for the novelty, not the quality, of this Adams Morgan bar.

The Reef's biggest positive is the rooftop area. Although tented in , those willing to sacrifice a little air quality can swill amidst the smokers and peer down at the scene on the street. Also, the bartenders at the top are approachable, and more than willing to answer any questions you may have about the best way to get suitably sloshed.

Those not willing to wait for the rooftop view usually settle on the main level. There's plenty of space for people to stand in front of the tanks, get tanked and gawk at the fish. Those lucky enough to snag a booth can talk exclusively amongst themselves and avoid any sharks looking to hook a love connection.

The Reef's prices are average for the area. They offer a decent selection of rotating American and European beers, and there's usually minimal struggle to reach the bar and order a drink.

The Reef, while not breaking any new ground, offers a fun and novel take on the Adams Morgan experience. To get the full experience, gather a group of friends, go early on a weekend night, and drink like a fish while staring at them before heading somewhere else.

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2446 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

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