Ditch the Car for a Day

Car Free Day is Sept. 22

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If there is a place to try carless commuting, the D.C. region is it.

There are so many public transportation options in Maryland, Virginia and the District that leaving you car at home for just one day should be as easy as putting it in park. And that’s exactly what Commuter Connections is hoping you will do Wednesday for the annual Car Free Day.

Car Free Day is an international movement that encourages commuters to choose alternative forms of transportation like trains, subways, buses, bicycling and even carpooling or teleworking. And now, organizers are adding incentives to try to get more people to leave the keys at home for a day.

“We’ve had great success in growing this event each year, and business is now helping us add incentives,” said Director of Commuter Connections Nicholas Ramfos. “Not only will participants benefit by discovering alternative ways to commute and create a healthier environment, a better lifestyle and less traffic, they now have a chance to win prizes from an iPad to a bicycle.”

In addition, season tickets to the Nationals for the 2011 season and a year membership to the area’s new Capital Bikeshare program are being given away. If your interested in pledging to leave the car at home, you can sign up here and be entered to win some of those prizes.

Car Free Day will be celebrated in more than 1,500 cities in 40 countries around the world.

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