District Karaoke League Opens 2nd Season

District's first competitive karaoke league


District Karaoke look everyone by surprise this winter, shaming even the most dedicated skeeball and bocce leaguers.

The team-based competitive karaoke league -- the brain-child of Screen on the Green savior Jesse Rauch -- has pitted teams such as Sons of Pitches and Hide Your Pitch (Hide Your Wife) against each other since early February.

"People are performing at such a high level here," participant Doug Foote told us in February. "With karaoke comes a complete lack of shame. You can’t put up a faux attitude that you’re embarrassed. This is a great outlet for people who don’t take themselves too seriously."

With the inaugural season wrapping up April 11, registration is underway for season two. Team spots had filled up within days last winter, so if you're interested, don't delay.

One piece of good news: While last season, the league only met at one venue, this time around it's expanded to three. Monday nights are at Riot Act, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are at Policy.

You can either begin your own team, join a pre-existing one, or register as a free agent (start the bidding wars... now). Registration is $45, which includes a team T-shirt, beer and food specials, prizes and more.

Each competitor delivers two solo performances and one as a group, to be rated on ability, stage presence and overall appeal.

The league kicks off the week of April 30.


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