Dished: ‘Cue Across the Country

  • "Top Chef"'s Voltaggio brothers (Season 6) have set Twitter afire -- and a'smoke -- with updates of their Fire and Smoke tour. Michael and Bryan set out to find what they thought was true American barbecue. The Feast got the scoop: Each city, Bryan said, dishes a different style of barbecue, and the tour's aim was to try to understand the differences between the styles, how they developed, and the families that they came from. "As brothers and cooks, we wanted to tell that story," he said. Read more at The Feast.
  • This cheesy pasta dish goes way beyond Kraft. Plenty of D.C. eateries are serving up both high and low brow versions of this classic dish. For a Southern take, order the baked macaroni side at Vidalia (1990 M St. N.W.). This version includes Amish cheddar, goat cheese and smoked ham. Check out The Feast for the complete Top 10.
  • IHOPs are dishing up free shortstacks today until 10 p.m. While the pancakes are free, they're accepting donations to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Conveniently, IHOP has a restaurant locator to help find a participating location near you.
  • "Top Chef: All Stars" cast-off Fabio Viviani is a true Italian -- he claims to find himself getting up every morning thinking about risotto. (We wonder if this is going to play into his forthcoming book "Did I Really Make Breakfast???") At this past weekend's South Beach Wine & Food Festival, he helped tool some recipes for Bertolli. The Feast caught up with the Italian stallion, who admitted he doesn't miss being yelled at, and that Facebook really should have been his idea.


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