Dish of Salt: The Top 15 Most Awkward Couples On TV!

In honor of the news that ABC is letting go of Dr. Erica Hahn on “Grey’s Anatomy,” ending her budding romance with Dr. Callie Torres – I have come up with a list of the 15 most awkward couples on TV right now.

Dr. Erica Hahn and Dr. Calle Torres (“Grey’s Anatomy”) - Unfortunately, Erica and Calle’s friendship-turned-romance was a disaster from the start. The whole storyline just took us into TMSI (too much sexual information) territory, which turned fans off rather than on. “Grey’s” should look at how the romance is playing out between Kevin Walker and his love, Scotty, on “Brothers and Sisters” for how to portray a proper gay couple.

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And speaking of “Grey’s Anatomy” let me also mention two other awkward couples…

George O’Malley and Lexie Grey (“Grey’s Anatomy”) - They have zero chemistry together! They’re almost as bad as George and Izzie were last season. George needs to remain blind to her affections and console ex-wife Callie’s soon to be broken heart. Lexie should have taken McSteamy up on his flirtations long ago and then become his crazy stalker.

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Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens (“Grey’s Anatomy”) – They are rekindling their sex-capades and now testing out a committed relationship. Why would someone as kind and compassionate as Izzie go after someone as incapable of love as Alex; the player of all players?! Denny would be rolling over in his grave!

Mystery’s Wannabes & ANY Girl They Encounter (“The Pick Up Artist”) — You can’t talk about awkward encounters without mentioning VH1’s “The Pickup Artist.” Watching these hopeless machismo-seeking guys make move-after-move-after-unsuccessful-painstaking-move is just bad — yet it’s such good TV. Anytime you’re taking advice from a dude named “Matador,” you might as well just cut your losses and go home. Those poor guys. Those poor girls.

Jenny Humphrey and Nate Archibald (“Gossip Girl”) – Nate went from pouncing on a cougar (the Duchess) to protecting this little kitten. So, which is it Nate? Do you like your women young or old? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Erin Silver and Dixon Wilson (“90210”) - He’s no Brandon Walsh and she’s no Kelly Taylor. Not only do these two have zero chemistry together, they have zero storyline. Of course, it’s not their fault. Overall, the entire show so far lacks any of the zing of the original series.

Angela Martin and Andy Bernard (“The Office”) - Except, this one’s the good kind of awkward. They are, quite simply, the most brilliantly funny couple on TV right now. The fact that Angela is still in love with Dwight makes it all the more bizarre that she continues to warm up to Andy as she heads towards the altar with him.

Devon Banks and Kathy Geiss (“30 Rock”) - Another delightfully awkward coupling. Hopefully we won’t see the end of their bizarre “love” affair now that Kathy sexually harassed Jack Donaghy and he was able to get his job back at GE – or, just “G” now!

Dexter Morgan and Rita Bennett (“Dexter”) – Dexter has perhaps the sweetest girlfriend on television, while Rita has the best forensic officer in Miami… who, also happens to be a serial killer. Who says a great guy is hard to find? I guess I should be happy I’m just single… and not Rita!

Jeff Conaway and his girlfriend Vikki Lizzi (“Celebrity Rehab”) - Unable to kick painkillers after the first season of “Celebrity Rehab,” Jeff Conway finds himself back inside Dr. Drew’s care unit. This time, however, his enabling girlfriend, Vicki, has checked in with him. Even though the two have been told to keep separate they still find moments to mewl at each other awkwardly from behind closed doors before being broken up by hospital staff. Vicki needs to check out, stat.

Allison Brooks and Dr. Walter Krandall (“Gary Unmarried”) – So divorced guy Jay Mohr’s Gary Brooks gets to roll around in bed with hottie Jaime King while equally beautiful Paula Marshall has the hots for Ed Begley Jr.? Give me a break. No offense Ed. Love your work with the environment – you’ve totally got Bill Nye the Science Guy schooled!

Dani Reese and Captain Tidwell (“Life”) – I will borrow a title from a Paris Hilton film for this one – “The Hottie and the Nottie.”

Sam Merlotte and Tara Thornton (“True Blood”) - She’s emotionally stunted and he’s in love with her best friend, Sookie Stackhouse, who is in love with a vampire. No good can come from their relationship. Not to mention he is quite possibly some sort of shape shifter or other creature! What happens if she wakes up one morning next to a werewolf?

Tom and Lynette Scavo (“Desperate Housewives”) - Can we just put this poor guy out of his misery?! Lynette has worn the pants in this relationship for so long it’s become painful to watch Tom’s cajones shrivel up week after week. Tom needs to leave Wisteria Lane, move to Los Angeles and continue his mid-life crisis in Hollywood fashion by hooking up with a twenty-five-year-old model.

Heidi and Spencer (“The Hills”) – Can someone just please put us out of our misery!

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