Dish Of Salt, Spoiler Alert: A ‘Gossip Girl' Wedding

Yesterday I headed down to the uber-hip Echo Park neighborhood here in Los Angeles to hang out on the set of a new series called “Rockville, CA.” It’s a web only series created and executive produced by Josh Schwartz, the man behind “Gossip Girl,” “Chuck,” and the late “OC.” The show is a drama that centers on a group of LA hipsters who work at the fictional Rockville club and will feature performances from some very cool indie bands. It’s not set to air until March though, so I’ll tell you more about that project in a few months.

In the mean time, I grilled Josh for some scoop on our favorite guilty “Gossip” pleasure. Let’s just say this is a man who is a good at keeping secrets, but I was able to squeak a few things out of him.

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Even now they are still talking about “Gossip Girl” and how it’s bad for teenagers to watch and how there is all this drinking and sex and drugs - things that we would hope that our teenagers in high school don’t do. How do you feel about that?

I mean we got that on the “The OC” too and, you know, I’m sensitive to it. I get that there is a young audience watching and so, to that extent, I want to be responsible. At the same time I would harbor a guess that teenagers were having sex and drinking before “The OC,” before television. I’m also weary of how much blame there is to weigh at the feet of these shows.

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OK. Let’s debunk some of our spoilers that I have read on the message boards about ‘Gossip Girl.’ I’ve read obviously that someone is going to die. So you are confirming that?

I confirm that.

The rumor that everyone has put out is that its Chuck’s dad, Bart?


I have read that rumor.

Close? Not close? Possible?

I would be violating what we just spoke about — giving people something to watch (but not too much) [from an earlier conversation]. It’s not Blake Lively.

If it was Bart, why would it be?

If it hypothetically happened I would like it to be that he gets bit by the monkey from “Outbreak” and spreads this wild “I Am Legend” zombie disease and they are all zombies in season three.

All right, well the other rumor is that it might be Vanessa?


Ha! You didn’t say interesting about Bart! Another thing I read is that there is an adoption storyline coming up possibly?

I would say that there is, you know, if you are looking to hear the word adoption spoken in some context on the show, you might hear it.

Is there anything that you will reveal?

We just booked Desmond Harrington to play Bart’s brother. There is a wedding coming up. I’ll say that.

Young people, or old people?

It depends on your perspective.

I’m going to guess that the wedding is Eleanor Waldorf and her new beau because in the book she is married to Cyrus Rose.

Wow, you know the books?!

Would I be along the lines?

It could happen… or, it could be something unexpected.

Speaking of the books, in the book Blair Waldorf has a little brother. Why did you choose not to have a sibling for her?

Just because she felt like an only child. She felt like a neglected only child.

Also in the books Jenny Humphrey goes to boarding school and becomes the It Girl. There had been talk about an It Girl spin-off, but in June you said it’s not happening?

There are not talks for that show to happen. Never say never, but you know, Jenny Humphrey is a really important part of “Gossip Girl.” The kids are graduating this year and going off to (not her but the older kids) – they are going to be going out into the world, or college, or wherever around New York City. So, she plays an even more pivotal role because she kind of anchors you into that high school world and family world.

I’m guessing she comes back to school then?

At some point, maybe, in the future. That was a spoiler… kind of.

I guess next season will be about them going to different colleges?

The great thing about the show we always thought it’s more about New York than high school. So as long as the kids are on that island, the story telling can remain.

Thanks to Josh for playing along!

Note that Blair won’t be an only child for long if Cyrus does marry Eleanor. His son Aaron (the artist now dating Serena) would become Blair’s step-brother, just like in the books. Oh, and just a warning to anyone searching for “Gossip Girls” spoilers - Josh wants you all to know that he sometimes puts out fake information to throw everyone off the scent! They are called “Foilers.”

Love it!

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