Dish Of Salt: Investigating The ‘Dancing Curse' With A Medium

Last night we learned that yet another incident occurred on the “Dancing With The Stars” set. Julianne Hough was taken to the hospital after complaining of stomach problems. Brooke Burke just hurt her foot while rehearsing on Sunday. We also learned this week that Susan Lucci’s injury last week resulted in two broken bones in her foot -not to mention Misty May’s injury which ended her run on the show, Derek Hough’s neck issues, Jeff Ross’s eye injury and Karina’s injury during week one. Some would say it’s just a physically demanding show where amateurs are taking on dancing challenges they have never done before - so, injuries are bound to happen. Others are saying the stage is “cursed.” 

Two weeks ago I posted, in my blog, my research about CBS Television City where the show is taped. The lot used to be occupied by a place called Gilmore Stadium, which was used as a football field and a racetrack. Five racecar drivers died on the racetrack in its 18-year history. Prior to that, it was an oil field. This so called “curse” began in season five when Helio Castroneves, the racecar driver, first joined the show. So, I wanted to investigate this and see if maybe there actually was a connection.

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Yesterday our producer, Bryant, and myself took two psychic mediums to the set, Alice and Dennis Jackson, a married couple from Seattle, Washington; to see what they might be able to pick up. 

After the entire experience of the day, let me just say that I am a believer. You’ll have to read on to see why though…

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When Dennis and Alice first arrived they asked us if we knew the history of the stage because they knew nothing about the history at all. To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical that they had not done an ounce of research before they arrived. They knew they were coming to the set and we wanted to find out if it was cursed. So, how could they not have looked into it?! I found the information fairly easily online. Most anyone could.

My skepticism only grew worse when Dennis, within three minutes of walking into Studio 46, exclaimed, 

“Some people died here. Three people died here. Not on the stage, though, but before.”

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A few steps later and Dennis stopped in an area stage right, by the steps leading up to the band and proclaimed,

“It’s almost like I wanna. I wanna cry. I don’t know what’s going on, but I want to cry. I feel like a car driving through here, which is very weird because this is a sound studio.” 

He continued, “I just got chills all over my body. It’s like goose bumps but it feels like there were people killed right here. It’s like a single guy in a car and then. I actually feel like they were all male.”

Then Dennis asked me, “Was there a street that went through here? Was there a street or some kind of a motor vehicle thing?”

Right now I’m thinking, ‘Come on! They totally read my blog and know about the racecar drivers! This is all too convenient!’

I did believe them when they had an explanation for the area near the judges’ table, which professional dancer Derek Hough has dubbed “The Bermuda triangle” 

Both Alice and Dennis believe there is negative energy in that area based on whatever negative experiences has happened on the lot. According to Alice, 

“Whatever it was before the race track may have been a left over energy field from what was here earlier, even before the oil fields. It could have been an Indian burial ground. Anything could have been here and so these dancers are just picking up on that energy and that’s what’s going on. There’s a reason the crash happened.”

Dennis refers to it as a vortex. 

“This vortex is kind of like an energy where people are dealing with insecurities. If they’re insecure about maybe what they’re dancing they may have gotten hurt because of that.” 

It was at this moment that Dennis said he felt a heel injury, “something with an Achilles tendon” in that area. Again, I’m thinking, ‘C’mon.’ He had to have seen the news about Misty May-Treanor’s injury. 

I’m intrigued though and certainly wanted to hear more. When professional dancer Cheryl Burke came by to meet the mediums, my belief in them started to change…

To find out why you’ll have to read Part Two in my Dish of Salt Blog. 

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