Dish Of Salt: ‘Biggest Loser's' Vicky Says Show Was A ‘Nightmare'

In a case of what goes around comes around, Vicky Vilcan was not The Biggest Loser last night! In what could be a perfect ending she missed beating out Ed by just one pound. However, in the end it was Michelle Aguilar who then beat Ed’s weight loss percentage and pulled off the win last night.

And the audience could not have been happier. Inside the live finale the crowd was on its feet for Michelle as she did her final weigh in (while Vicky got a lukewarm reception from much of the crowd, other than from her family).

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The irony of the whole night was that Ed’s wife, Heba, ultimately would have won the whole show, if his plea for America to vote for his wife to stay in the competition and compete in the top three hadn’t been ignored. A whopping 84 percent ignored his request and voted him into the top three - sending a clear message that Vicky and Heba’s game playing was uncool. Heba was able to win the $100,000 prize though for being the eliminated contestant to lose the most weight with her 46.94 percent weight loss, a number that easily would have beat Michelle’s 45.25 percent and scored her the $250,000 prize.

The irony was not lost on Michelle who had this to say to the voters, “Thank you America! I love ya!” Her plans for the big $250,000 prize include shoes and lots of them. Being a shoe connoisseur myself I had some ideas for her that involve Prada, Gucci, Manolos or maybe some Christian Louboutins (my personal favorites).

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Michele laughed and told me, “I’m a fashion forward girl and I think all of those sound like great options, but I do owe my mom a handbag. I gotta go shopping for that too. I think she wants a Louis Vuitton.”

A vacation is also in the works for Michele and her family.

OK, now back to Vicky — who may or may not have gotten a raw deal when it came to how she was portrayed on the show. At one point the front page of Yahoo called her “Evil Vicky.” Last night she told me she was just a victim of creative editing,

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“I don’t cheat and I don’t lie and that was all editing and a bunch of crap. I play this game true to my heart. The only thing that kept me on that ranch was working harder than everybody else and what you saw on TV is what the producers of the show wanted you to see.”

She goes on to rant against reality television saying, “I was one of those people that truly believe in reality TV and thought it was real and I know now that it’s all fake.”

And what about all those mean and spiteful things she said about other contestants? “I did say it, yes, absolutely, but people are provoked in certain situations. I had said some things that might not have been very nice but the fact of that matter is everybody gets upset. I’m human just like everybody else.”

Vicky calls the show a “nightmare” she is happy to see end. She says watching the episodes during the months she was at home made her so upset she essentially gave up on wanting to win, “Because I realized the show wasn’t worth me missing another soccer game, another thing for my children. I don’t care what anybody else thinks, I’m gonna look good and I’m gonna feel good and I don’t care about winning that stupid show.”

So after Vicky defended herself to me, I did have a chat with trainer Bob Harper and host Alison Sweeney about the situation. They both pretty much say that Vicky chose to, “play the game” more so than anyone in the past and the editing was fair. Other eliminated contestants over the course of the season have said similar things about her as well. So, I’ll let you decide whether Vicky was a victim of creative editing or not.

Ultimately though, she did what she set out to do and that is lose weight and change her life. So, ‘Bravo to her,’ and I hope she goes back home and puts this whole show behind her.

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