Did Heather Mills Get a Bronx Cheer for Her Vegan Food Donation?

Heather Mills flippin' fake burgers in the Bronx.
Photo: Getty Images

Heather Mills visited the impoverished neighborhood of Hunts Point in the South Bronx last weekend and brought its troubled residents relief in the form of $1 million worth of vegan food. Families brought their kids to a “Back to School” day with free school supplies and health screenings. The event included a barbecue, but Mills’s 1,000 meatless burgers weren’t publicized ahead of time. The Hunts Point Alliance for Children plans to “distribute the food in ‘healthy cafés,’ where neighborhood teens can gather over nutritious meals instead of hanging out on corners,” Gourmet reports. Since when do neighborhood teens in any part of the country prefer the “healthy café” to hanging out? While we don’t dispute Mills’s generosity, the people of Hunts Point need a reliable grocery store before they need three years’ worth of soy burgers. What would Jonathan Kozol say?

Meatless Meals, Courtesy of Heather Mills [Gourmet]

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